owned and operated by Tonia Floyd, Certified Professional Trainer

Training Information

All training programs start with an in-home evaluation. Call to set up an appointment at your convenience.

In Home Programs

New Dog Owners Lessons 

   Great for new dog owners

   of puppy or adult dogs               

Common Problems that can be solved with home lessons.

Possession Issues
Food Aggression
Leash Aggression
Door Manners


Counter Surfing

Leash Manners

Baby Acclimation

Boarded Residency

Whether your puppy or new adopted dog  needs basic training skills or you and your current dog develop a problem management issue, my boarded residency programs work well for families and people with busy schedules. 

There are 5 acres at Training Spot Ranch dedicated to working with dogs with many problems at many levels.  Your dog would stay at the Ranch, be privately trained by me during the day and live with my pack at night to learn obedience, manners and solve behavior problems first hand.  


Private Programs

In Home Lessons You handle your dog, in your own home or yard,  while I walk and talk you through how to train your dog.  I will use one of my demonstration dogs and show you how to teach commands and communicate with your canine companion.

The Training Room at the Ranch

In the training room, at the Training Spot Ranch, you can work with your dog in a quiet, non-distracting environment to learn how to handle and teach your dog commands.  

Once you and your dog have learned the commands, you will be able to take them into the field with few distractions or with the pack, to start working real world applications.  

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