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The Training Crew

My name is Tonia Floyd and I love dogs!  I love learning why they think like they do and how we can communicate clearly and effectively to have a better life together.  It takes work and a commitment, but you can have any life you want with your dog, at any age, once you understand how they think and communicate, and I can help you with this.  Through Obedience training your dog learns a language that you can share to motivate them and help them live in a human home.

I have rescued and worked with shelter dogs most of my adult life and have twelve of my own currently that work with me as a stable social pack.  I will work with you to teach you what your dog is capable of and how to set realistic expectations based on age, breed, canine capabilities and your lifestyle.  We will address obedience and behavior issues with an in-home evaluation and establish a training plan for you and your family to reach your goals.  This is accomplished as well by communicating and discussing progress along the way as you learn to work the plan. I work with each dog and owner or family as an individual case and we take the time and effort it takes to reach a place that you and your canine family members are living happy, peaceful lives together.

I can help you with the language that your dog understands and teach you to be a great dog owner, but it takes other dogs to teach dogs to be dogs!   If your dog has human or canine behavioral issues, my pack helps to socialize and correct behaviors in a way that only canines can. I guide the socialization based on the needs of the dog we are working with and by starting small and building trust with canine and humans at Training Spot.  Your dog will learn to be handled by us and live with the whole pack before they leave the Ranch.  You are able to see your dog in a stable environment and know what is possible and we will take this confidence to the street and your life with sessions based around the individual dog and families needs.

The pictures on this page are of the Training Spot Ranch pack and they all have their purpose here and work in some way with our Behavior Modification programs.  There are many personalities and ages to help the transition for scared, confused or unsocialized dogs. They are great for humans with canine fears, to help people learn how dogs play as a pack, what is normal for their dog to act like in a pack and help by being instant sources of information to show people on the spot how dogs interact, what is tolerated and how to handle it as the human pack leader. 

My pack have all come from shelters, rescues, the streets and owner surrenders and all live harmoniously at the Ranch.  These once lost dogs now help with socializing puppies from a young age to have manners and they work with shelter dogs that are shy or scared to show them how to be happy dogs again. Along with obedience training and human socialization we see crazy dogs become happy, stable dogs and shy, scared dogs or unfocused puppies become comfortable, confident well mannered dogs.

I would love to help you with your basic puppy training needs or help you and your family have a better relationship with any dog you own at any age.  

Sadie Beagle (Baby Beagle)
Fun and entertainment only!!
Choca'late "Choca"  Exercise specialist 
and full-time referee. 
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